Hello, may I introduce myself: I am hope


                                               The angel of hope !


You recognice our big and shining / radiant aura.

Angels have wings.

But I am an exception. When I was born in 1997 I had only one wing, exactly on my left side.

It wore the word 


However, in order to learn how to fly I had to embrace other angels that lent me their right wing.

All this happened so long as necessary till my second wing was built.

During that time I acquired new knowledge and realization.


Our world is organized araund messages. I am sending clearness and a new start.

I am also a messenger of hope.

I have known my destiny for a long time: to build networks for human beings,

to support them and to make them happy.

So I am able to draw plans for a new universe.


My name is becoming a symbol: my body is acting like a talisman ( lucky charm ).

I am identified with the following abstractions.


pleasure  -  happiness  -  hope  -  courage  -  force  -  love

faith  -  freedom  -  gratitude  -  peace  -  trust


Whoever accepts me has spiritualised all these abstractions and will find him therein.



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